What is The Practitioner?

Hi and welcome to The Practitioner.

You know fellows, as I look back on my life I see a journey. From curios and a highly introverted kid to an organizational development practitioner, facilitator, and coach.

I know. Every life is a journey. Yours is too. You may wonder how you have changed from your early days till now. You have lots of experience. You are full of stories. Everyone is full of stories.

This is the nature of the journey. It creates stories. It has a brave hero who dares to walk the journey.

In every journey, change is inevitable. Now the question is:

What do I need to successfully walk the journey of change?

In this newsletter, I try to answer this question. This newsletter, like its name, is a form of practicing. It evolves through my writing and your contribution.

Hope it finds it meaningful to subscribe.

Want to know more about me?

I’m an organizational development practitioner, facilitator, and I manage a small consulting company called Hamro based in Tehran - Iran.

Most of the days I’m involved with helping a group of people solve problems, remove obstacles and find opportunities for positive change.

I facilitate conversations. It always starts with the way we communicate and understand each other. It’s more than 20 years I’m working and half of it I was an IT Professional. It was a journey to be here :)

Every Conversation naturally represent the effective way of our being. We can wisely decide how our lively conversations miraculously transform our possible reality.